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brad - 12/11/17 - 4:37 am

Monday 12/4
Went to the Caps game. Mish got $35 tickets (+ free t-shirts) through a Black Friday deal, and picked to see the Sharks game since it's her second favorite team. Hit up Hill Country to pre-game again for a pound of their Chili Rubbed Wings with Homemade Ranch Dressing. I can't get enough of those wings! Erica was supposed to join us but wasn't feeling good. Caps won 4-1, as they did the previous game I attended this season. Caps are 11-0 since 2015 when I attend their home games. Ridiculous. I was so tired once I got home. I was in bed by 2 am, but I was tossing and turning until at least 4:30 am.

Tuesday 12/5
The Red Wings finally won a game, snapped a 7 game winless streak. Yay. Blue Apron meal: Miso & Soy Steak with Roasted Fall Vegetables. The sauce was *ridiculously good*. It's miso paste, soy glaze, and 1/4 cup of water, which is then added to the fond left in the pan after the steak is cooked. Then you cook that and add in butter. I want that sauce bottled and at the ready. I dipped leftover rolls from Thanksgiving in it. MMMMM. I had to treadmill, because I indulged in a bowl of ice cream, and I crave milk after a bowl of ice cream, and I had three glasses of milk, and it was just too many delicious calories overall.

Wednesday 12/6
I started my laundry the night before. Didn't finish it! I looked in my dresser, and realized I forgot to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer last night. Dammit. I called in to my weekly meeting while the dryer ran. First time for everything. Blue Apron meal: Fresh Fettuccine & Prosciutto with Kale & Tomato Sauce. This was a huge portion. I liked it. The mascarpone cheese that is stirred in at the end added a creaminess that I think a lot of people would like but was borderline "meh" for myself, but it didn't ruin it for me or anything like that. We made crescent rolls in addition to the meal, and I definitely downed four of those. Treadmill, because I also ate Subway for lunch, and that's, like, a million calories. I finally ordered a remote control over the weekend and it showed up today. Now I can easily control the cable box while I walk.

Thursday 12/7
Cold. All the leaves are down. Fall is effectively over now. Homemade tacos again, because the bucket of taco meat we cooked up last weekend is endless, haha. Saints-Falcons. My fantasy football team usually doesn't show up, but when it does, it's because I'm already in the loser bracket. Thanks, team. Treadmill + hockey.

Friday 12/8
Chance of snow? I'm not ready. It seems too early. I might wake up with snow on the ground tomorrow. Crazy. Work was average. Hit up Checkers for dinner. Man, that spicy chicken sandwich and those fries, so good. I'm glad it's 17 miles in the opposite direction of almost everywhere I drive, or else I'd eat there way too often. Went over to Jaime and Evan's. Jaime's parents were visiting from Colorado. Friends of her parents were also there, who I had met a few times before when I had first moved up to this area. We hung out, played some Nertz (Jaime and I 2-peated), had some good trifle. A real solid night overall.

Saturday 12/9
8+ hours of sleep. Woke up to a pretty, snowy day outside. Ended up with a couple inches of snow, but none of it stuck to the sidewalks or roads that much. Took a nap, because I do what I want. Good thing I did, the Red Wings had a 1 pm game that they lost 6-1, and I didn't even realize they were on. Put in two hours on the treadmill while I watched the entire MLS Cup Final between Toronto and Seattle. Pretty good game, 2-0 win for Toronto, they avenge their loss to Seattle in last year's final. Did up a pizza and wings from Domino's for the Devils-Rangers game. Devils were housed 5-2. I finally got around to listening to 311's new album. It's alright for my first listen through. A couple songs stood out for me that were pretty good. I also followed up from an email a year ago from the band Primitive Radio Gods that said they released a new album. Turns out they release two in 2016. Both of the albums were also alright during my initial listening of each. I haven't sat and listened to new music in quite some time, it was refreshing. I took the time to queue up some images on the ol' Tumblr, and get some comics posted on Linkfest while I was doing so. It was kind of one of those throwback perfect days of mine. Mish was out at Erica's place all weekend, so it was quiet. No work scheduled this weekend, so I haven't touched my laptop. Very little else that I could have asked for that would have made it a better day.

Sunday 12/10
8+ hours of sleep. Woke up to most of the snow melted. It was sunny and in the 40's, so that took care of most of what came down the day before. Took a nap, because I do what I want. Put in another two hours on the treadmill. I think that's going to be the standard for the next two weeks until I go home for xmas. I remember it paying some dividends when I did that earlier in the year, and I'm still determined to be sub-two-hundy by year's end. Watched both late afternoon games during that two hour stretch. Took down the fall decorations and put up xmas decorations during the Ravens-Steelers game. I'll take pictures of that at some point. My fantasy team put up 131.8 points, because of course they did when it didn't matter. All my offensive guys scored touchdowns. I will be loser bracket champions at this pace.

Current treadmill routine:
1 hour 35 minutes, 4.380 miles, ~435 calories burned
Extended treadmill routine:
2 hours 10 minutes, 6.125 miles, ~605 calories burned

It's like, what's an extra 35 minutes? I don't have anything else to do. If I'm watching a game, it's still going to be on after I finish, might as well keep walking. Yeah, if I could reign in my snacking, I wouldn't need to do the extra time on there, but I've been failing every day since Thanksgiving. If I'm going to keep eating more, I need to exercise more, until I'm back in good eating habits. I'm hoping this week is going to be better. We get a Blue Apron shipment on Tuesday. I also have some frozen fish I bought that I want to try at some point this week. Honestly, and I hate to say this, but I just have to survive the holidays. I don't want to be "that guy" who says that, but that's the road I'm headed down. There's a handful of restaurants I want to revisit when I go home, and there will be tons of treats and snacks, and who knows what just waiting for me to consume. If I can get past all that with only a small amount of gain, much like after the long Thanksgiving weekend, then I'm still in good shape. January and February are long, dull months with nothing going on, and I can get back to a more structured diet. I'm hoping this week and part of next week will be an improvement too, but let's be honest, from Thanksgiving to all the way through the first of the year seems like a giant calorie convention, and I am easily susceptible to randomly stuffing my FACE.

So, to recap, I eat food, complain about gaining weight, and tell myself next week will be better. Good meeting, see you all here next week!



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