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brad - 2/19/18 - 4:45 am

I think I am just going to write out a normal post. Let's see how that goes. The last three attempts weren't necessarily failures. The last revision actually was well written, but... nah.

Since December 30th I've lost 8.8 pounds: -1.0, -0.4, -2.6, -0.6, -1.6, -1.0, -1.6. I weighed in 0.2 pounds short of my mini goal this past Saturday. I'm kind of shocked that I'm making large strides again. I feel like I'm walking outside a day or two less than I was on the treadmill, but maybe it's the climb up the hill for half of the block that's helping. Average daily calorie intake for January was 2,577/day; in February so far I've lowered it to 2,315, so that's another step in the right direction. I guess it all adds up. I remember telling myself that I just had to make it through the holidays, and eight weeks out I'm crushing it. My treadmill parts will arrive on Monday, and then I will make a maintenance appointment. Despite the cold temps, it hasn't been that bad to walk outside overall, but I am excited to get back into my previous routine, and have some hockey on tv in front of me while I walk.

A new record temperature was set this past Thursday when it hit 76 degrees. It was so nice out. I notched my fastest 4.2 miles around the block that night. It plummeted down to 42 on Saturday with a winter storm that blew through that dropped some heavy, wet snow everywhere. But nothing to worry about! It will be back above 50 all week, and hit the 70's again on Tuesday and Wednesday. This winter has been crazy.

Here were the three Blue Apron meals we ate over the past two weeks:
Katsu-Style Wild Alaskan Pollock with Cabbage Slaw & Rice - the black garlic/mayo sauce that went with the fish was top-notch.
Whole Grain Pasta & Beef Bolognese with Romaine Salad - it was a huge, heavy meal, but oh man was it good. I devoured it.
Seared Chicken & Pan Sauce with Sautéed Potato & Apple - another example of "this kind of looks like it's just going to be an okay dish" but turns out even better than that. Tasty pan sauce!

I was consistently busy this week at work. It was nice. That's all I have to say about that.

My Friday ritual recently has been to hit up Subway for a steak and cheese sub. For the last few weeks now, the one dude has hooked me up with a free cookie every time. Those extra 200 calories are so delicious, even if they aren't necesarry. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm rolling in after 8 pm and they are just trying to get rid of them at that point. But, once again, I've become a semi-regular and the sandwich artists are hookin' it. If there's been any constant in my life, it's that I get hooked up with freebies if I frequent a Subway long enough for the employees to recognize me when I come in. Whether it was bonus stamps back in the day, or extra meat on my sandwich, or ringing me up sans the extra bacon/toppings charge, I've always been taken care of. I'm like the Don Corleone of footlong sandwiches.

Michigan went 2-0 last week, which included an upset win over #8 Ohio St. on Sunday. VT went 1-1, which included a lopsided loss to #12 Duke. Tech wasn't ranked but they were receiving votes, which would have ranked them 30th in the nation. I don't know if they will get any votes this week. Michigan was ranked #22, and should move up. I'm curious as to what the new polls will be on Monday. I have watched maybe a total of 5 minutes of the Olympics so far. I might flip on one of the NBC channels for half a minute between hockey games, but that's about it. Just no desire to watch any of it this year. That's pretty much tv in general anymore, though.

And that was the week that was. If I hadn't suffered some insane amounts of insomnia the past seven straight nights, I would write some more things that need to be said. I'm just too tired right now, and I need to get to sleep while this feeling of tiredness is enveloping me. I'll move all those thoughts to my post next week. See you then.



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