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brad - 1/15/18 - 4:33 am

62°! 70°! 61°! Oh my!
Aaaaand then a high temp that's half of that, and a low that's half that high temp. Lousy Smarch weather.
Warmer this upcoming weekend, though, so that's a bonus. I talk about the weather now because I'm ooooooooold.

Meltdown and Spectre. Spectre and Meltdown. Two awesome vulnerabilities that exploit pretty much every cpu in the world. If you have a computer or a phone, you're most likely vulnerable. Here's a quick rundown of each security finding, if you are so inclined to want to read up on it. My work this week has been to mitigate this finding with the provided patches and firmware updates that have been rolling out. It's basically a two step process to patch. You need to download a bios/firmware update from your computer/hardware manufacturer, and then patch all relevant software you may be using. For Windows, patching is also a two step process. You have to make sure your antivirus program is compatible, and that it is setting a registry key, otherwise applying the latest Windows update could cause blue screen errors. As of this time, I've confirmed that ESET, Symantec SEP, and McAfee VSE all set the key as of Friday afternoon. The Windows OS patches have worked fine. What I'm waiting on is bios firmware to roll out. This seems to have caught a lot of manufacturers by surprise. Dell and HP have already put out (and taken back) bios updates to address some of their systems, and it may be a while before they address every model of hardware they have. Is it an immediate threat? If you're running updated AV, browse safely, and aren't installing things willy-nilly, you should be okay. The threat relies more on the end user purposely running malware that would in turn exploit the vulnerability. Most people will be fine as long as their system is up to date. The only real solution will be for cpu manufacturers to completely redesign the way they make processors moving forward. Firmware and security updates will address the findings for now, but now that the exploit is out there, if someone is determined enough to try and find a way around the patches, that's when I'd be more worried.

Someone somehow got into my Amazon account and tried ordering a $25 gift card. Amazon shut that down without incident. Time to seriously take time to change my passwords, says the person who tells everyone to change their passwords. Remember the Heartbleed vulnerability way back in 2014? Hahaha, yeah, I'm so on top of things. Also, yay for fun names for serious vulnerabilities.

I had a dream that I was just hanging out with people. Like, just shootin' the shit. The dream itself wasn't weird, but I found it weird that I'd just be doing something that I'd normally do in real life. Bored up there much, brain?

Safeway is selling the Core Power protein shake I buy for $4 a bottle now. The best I could find it online was a case of 12 for $35, which is about $2.92 a bottle. Kind of a rip. However, Lucerne has their own version of a protein drink. It basically has the same stuff in it, but isn't as chocolatey as Core Power. That mattered to me at first, but not anymore, because the Lucerne brand is on clearance through April at Safeway for $0.99 a bottle. I basically clear out the shelf when I go in there. I think it's regularly $1.49, so even after it comes off clearance, I'm going to stick with it. Price points, son!

Something else showed up at Safeway, maybe not super recently, but I just noticed it last month. It's called skyr, and it is an Icelandic dairy product. It sits in the yogurt section, but has a thicker consistency than yogurt does, and I really like it. The two brands they offer are Siggi's and Icelandic Provisions. It's kind of my jam right now. It fits in perfectly with my salad and protein shake lunch.


BookFace reminded me this weekend that I quit indoor soccer two years ago. Time flies. It feels like a lifetime ago. A bunch of people I haven't seen in a while now. I should stop by one night and check in.

Also, thanks to the "on this day" feature, if someone has quit the bookface, their comments are scrubbed from the record, and now it looks like I'm having a conversation with myself on a post I made eight years ago. THANKS, ZUCK!

I had one bad day last week. I hit up Sheetz, and I wanted all the sliders, fries, AND a milkshake. According to their online nutrition calculator, a medium (read: ***MEDIUM***) shake costs 1,000 calories. ONE GRAND. FUCK. I managed to exercise and eat light the following day and make up for it, but for the love of jeebus. That's the problem with milkshakes. I pass them up *all the time*, and when it seems like a decade has passed and I allow myself to indulge in one, it's an instant setback. Milkshakes are pretty much the easiest way to gain a million pounds. Drink one shake a month, don't exercise = gain 30 pounds, GUARANTEED. But they're so goooooooooooood.

I rarely laugh out loud when no one is around, but network tv came up huge during the NFL playoff games over the weekend. It had to be a local bump, and it seemed to be funded by some small judicial pac, or something like that, but it was a 30-second spot that basically praised Sponge-Don for the record rate that he's confirming circuit court judges, and how he's confirmed more than the past x amount of presidents. Which, I don't know, I don't feel like fact checking that right now, nor does that matter, because some of them are insanely underqualified (google: judicial nominee struggles to answer basic legal questions). But I digress. The kicker in this commercial is that they threw up some phone number with a DC area code and said "tell president trump thank you". I laughed so loud when they said that line. The spot had a super-America background, eagles, flags; it's something I would expect someone making fun of Trump-pants would do, and I was seriously waiting for a punchline at the end, BUT IT NEVER CAME! THEY WERE COMPLETELY SERIOUS! Funniest thing of 2018 so far.

I try to lay off the politics, because all it does is get me worked up over nothing I can effectively change. I can vote, and hope to put people in there that aren't total fuckups, but I'm up against hundreds of thousands of people that elect fuckups because god only knows what's going through their heads. I think this experiment with having a non-politician in the White House is a total failure. And, instead of people wanting Oprah, or The Rock, or The Cube (Mark Cuban) to run in the next election, instead, what I want is those people to endorse someone that's actually in politics to run. Don't put "star power" in the most powerful position on Earth anymore. Let's find a candidate that doesn't watch Faux News, uses the Tweeter responsibly, and actually cares about people of other races, and put them up for election. November 6th is the first chance to fix this country. I'm voting blue, you do what you have to do.

Two co-workers have come down with that massive flu that's going around. I woke up Sunday afternoon with that all too familiar feeling in my sinus area. Most of the time it means I'm not too far off from sickness myself, but the last time I felt it I managed to avoid sickness and it subsided without incident. I'm hoping for the same again this time. In other health news, I was sitting on the couch, and I moved my right arm in an innocent motion, and I ended up with a really sharp pain in my right shoulder blade. I have no idea what I could have done to provoke that kind of pain. It's the same thing that happened last year as well, in the same spot, for no reason. So I'm going to be fighting that off for the next week or so. Hot showers and Advil seem to help, but it's still very noticeable pain when I twist my neck or move my right arm.

Michigan basketball beat Sparty basketball 82-72 on Saturday, a rare win in that rivalry game. Michigan is 15-4 now. The Hokies lost to Louisville 94-86 and dropped to 13-5. Both are having good seasons thus far.

These NFL playoff games have been crazy. This past weekend, three of them were scores within 5 points, and the Pats blew out the Titans. That missed tackle that lead to the Vikings winning the game, I was *shocked*. I don't recall seeing something like that before, it was so bad! I have no idea what the dude was trying to do! So there will either be a new SB champ, or the Pats winning again. Good luck, America!

Oh yeah, and Alabama beat Georgia for the title on another insane pass play in OT. I hate both teams, and the SEC in general, but that play was crazypants. I was just as shocked at that pass as well.

Blue Apron meals of the past week: Pork Chorizo Tacos with Cheesy Roasted Potatoes and Beef Medallions & Mushroom Sauce with Mashed Potatoes. The taco dish was again amazing. I didn't think the roasted potatoes would go with it, but they did, and they were delicious. The beef medallions meal was hearty, the pan sauce made at the end was interesting and tasty. BA still pumping out quality recipes.

Tried out Firehouse Subs for the first time. They're alright. Kind of like Quiznos. I'd eat there again. Nothing spectacular, but it's a solid meal.

Duty manager week. Dumb. Sleep schedule ruined again for this upcoming week.

Watermelon... you know the rest.



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